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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I order reproductions of images in Digital Collections?

    If the item record for the image contains a Digital ID (see below for example), you may purchase a high-resolution digital scan by contacting the Academy’s National Film Information Service at

  2. How can I resolve image display issues?

    Why don‛t PDFs automatically display anymore?

    If you are having issues viewing images, switching to Google Chrome is recommended; otherwise please review the following browser-specific tips:

    Firefox: Why do Adobe Acrobat and other plugins no longer work?

    Firefox: View PDF files in Firefox

    Firefox: Fix problems that cause images to not show (JPG, PNG, GIF)

    Internet Explorer: Fix site display issues with Compatibility View

  3. Can I disable the preview feature on the results page?

    This feature is called QuickView. To turn it off, click on Display Options on the results page.

    The Results Page Display Options box displays. Under QuickView, select off.

  4. The print window is open but nothing is happening.

    Depending on the browser you are using and/or the type of item you are printing, the dialog box for your printer may not automatically pop up when the print window opens. Look for the "Print this item" link in the upper left of the print window, or, if your item is a PDF, look for the printer icon on the Adobe Reader toolbar inside the print window (if you see none, hover your mouse near the top of the window and a floating toolbar should appear). Clicking on either of these options should open your printer dialog box.

  5. I don't see a print window on my screen when I use the database "Print" button.

    The database software re-uses an open print window if there is one; however, some browsers may not make the print window your current active window (i.e. by popping the print window on top of other open windows). Look for the print window behind your current active window.

  6. How do I print multiple pages from a multi-page item?

    If the multi-page item is a PDF, you will be given the option to print the current page, all the pages, or a subset of pages from the database "Print" button (on the right of your screen, above the item viewing window). If the multi-page item is in some format other than a PDF, you will only get the option to print the current page and you will need to print each page individually.

  7. How do I print the catalog information with the item?

    The database "Print" button (on the right of your screen, above the item viewing window) will only print the item itself. To print both the item and the cataloging you must print directly from your browser. First, size the item and the item viewing window on the screen to best accommodate your needs (you can move the item within the viewing window by simply picking it up with your mouse and dragging it to where you want). Next, choose "Print Preview" from your browser and tinker with the settings (if need be) to make sure nothing is being cut-off the page. Then print.

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